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Your Questions About Crowns

Have we suggested that you may¬†benefit from a dental crown? If so, you may find yourself wondering about a variety of things. For instance, you may wonder why we have suggested this particular restorative treatment. You may also have a vague understanding of crowns but wish you had a more thorough knowledge of what to […]

Quiz: What is Dentistry in a Day?

¬† We understand that most of our patients have pretty hectic schedules. Between work, family, and school, you may have little time to see the dentist or seek vital treatment for decay or a damaged tooth. Fortunately, At Comfort Dental Spa, we offer a solution: Dentistry in a day. With advanced CEREC technology, we can […]

How Fast Can you Expect a Dental Crown?

Regarding your dental anatomy, the crown of your tooth is simply the top part which you can see above your gumline when you smile. Dental crowns (AKA caps) are restorative pieces which can replace, reinforce, and restore a tooth which is damaged. Farmington Hills dentist, Dr. Aziza Askari has improved the smiles of many patients […]