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Help Dealing with your Dental Fears

Fear is certainly a compelling reason to avoid something. Fear is sometimes a gut instinct, warning you that something is amiss. Unfortunately, our complicated brains sometimes send us mixed signals, making us scared of something like the dentist, which is actually good for you and avoids worse problems in the future. Once your fear response […]

Can You Answer These Two Questions About Dental Fear?

Fear is arguably the main reason why anyone would avoid going to the dentist. You can try to reason with yourself, but the biology of fear often seems out of your control. Once your heart starts racing, how are you supposed to stop it? When your muscles tighten, and you feel like you can’t breathe, […]

Feels Like Family: A Testimonial from a Comfort Dental Spa Patient

Recently, Comfort Dental Spa had the pleasure of hearing testimonials from many of our patients which can be viewed on Facebook. Jeff Stefancin and his wife have been happy patients of Farmington Hills dentist, Dr. Askari, ever since they found out about the practice from a local newspaper advertisement. Intrigued by the amenities offered, the […]