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Laser Technology for Easier Dental Procedures

The evolution of medical technology has turned many archaic methods obsolete. This is good news if you are a patient in modern times. Have you heard about laser dentistry? Along the same lines as laser hair removal or laser vision correction, laser dentistry provides a higher degree of patient comfort and more efficient dental procedures. […]

Farmington Hills Shines a Light on Laser Dentistry

When many of us think of lasers, we think about science fiction movies where futuristic heroes fire laser guns at the bad guys. Others may associate lasers with hair removal treatments or even a popular form of corrective eye surgery. Most people probably don’t relate lasers to dentistry, yet laser dentistry has been around for […]

Detecting Oral Cancer at Comfort Dental Spa

Commonly called the ‘forgotten cancer’, oral cancer is responsible for the deaths of over 8,000 people every year. That is nearly one person every hour, twenty four hours a day. The death rate for oral cancer is far higher than many other more commonly publicized cancers, killing an average of 43% of those diagnosed within five […]