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Dry Mouth: 3 Surprising Tips

Are you waking up in the morning with the sensation that you have a mouth full of cotton? Maybe you notice throughout the day that everything feels a bit parched and a bit sticky in there. If so, you may be suffering from an oral health issue called dry mouth. This is what occurs when […]

Farmington Hills Dentist Quizzes on Turkey Teeth

With the Thanksgiving holiday marching towards us, you will probably do more chewing than you normally would in the coming days. We rely on our teeth to grind, cut, and break down food into particles that we can more easily swallow and digest. What about that turkey that is the centerpiece of most American tables […]

Is Summertime Fun Giving you Dry Mouth? Farmington Hills Dentist Can Help

When there is a heat wave, it’s easy to become dehydrated. You may feel so thirsty that you think you could just put a straw in a swimming pool (minus the chlorine) and still feel parched. The sun not only forces your salivary glands to work overtime, but if you’re baking in the heat, and […]