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A Teeth Quiz: Do You Know Your Smile?

If you were to teach a child about his or her smile, explaining the structure of a tooth and how many teeth both children and adults have, how do you think you would do? If you think you’d pass with flying colors, you just might know more than the average dental patient about your smile! […]

General Questions About Dental Care

How solid would you say your education has become regarding the different areas of dental care we provide? If you have spent time at our practice or looking through our website, you know that our offerings are comprehensive in nature. However, if you have not been delving more deeply into specific fields of dentistry, you […]

Chewing Gum: Can I Chew It?

When it comes to anything that’s sold in the check-out line or the candy aisle, the immediate assumption is generally that it’s probably not safe for your smile. When the topic of chewing gum comes up, we find that patients have all sorts of ideas about whether it’s okay (or not okay). The good news […]