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Maintaining Healthy Teeth and Bones

When you think about the bones in your body, do you include your teeth? Even though they are not actually bones, the fact is, teeth basically need the same things as all of the bones in your body in order to remain healthy and strong. What does this include? Think calcium and vitamin D for starters. Farmington Hills dentist, […]

Antibiotics in the Dental Office

When was the last time you had to take prescribed antibiotics? Many people are concerned with the overuse of certain medications in America. Are we allowing our bodies to have a proper chance to fight diseases? Farmington Hills dentist, Dr. Aziza Askari, will occasionally offer antibiotics to patients when there is an overwhelming dental health […]

Keeping Lips Healthy to Avoid Oral Cancer

Has spring reached your town, or does it still feel like winter? There’s no doubt about it, cold weather can do a number on your lips. Perhaps you don’t think of your pout as a part of your oral health. However, at your biannual dental checkups with Farmington Hills dentist, Dr.Aziza Askari, every part of your […]