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FAQs: Invisalign Treatment

Are you an adult who would love to straighten your smile – but the idea of wearing brackets and wires on your teeth is just something you cannot fathom? Perhaps you simply feel too set in your ways when it comes to your daily dental hygiene and eating habits and know that traditional braces will […]

Invisalign: Clear Braces For Teens And Adults

Have you considered getting braces but thought they would be too embarrassing at your age? Does your teen need braces but won’t agree to them because they don’t want metal wires on their teeth? Teens are self-conscious enough without having to bring more attention to themselves because of braces. And being an adult with braces? […]

Clear Aligner Tray FAQs

Have you been hearing about clear braces for quite some time? Does the idea sound appealing but you feel like you’re in the dark about the specifics? Fortunately, we have a wealth of information we can provide you, most of which points to this treatment as exceptionally beneficial. While we encourage you to schedule a […]