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3 Invisalign Myths Debunked

Are you under the impression that your smile needs straightening? Serious aligning? Before you jump to the conclusion that you require traditional braces, ask yourself if you really know all there is to know about Invisalign treatment. Uncover the truth to some common misconceptions with the following debunked myths. You just might find that Invisalign […]

Frequently Asked Questions about Invisalign

We are proud to offer our patients the innovative orthodontic solution with a clear advantage over any other current options. If you want straight teeth, Invisalign is a fantastic solution. Many of our patients have questions regarding these clear aligners which can straighten crooked teeth without the disadvantages of traditional metal braces. ┬áHere are some […]

Teeth Straightening Throughout History

Did you know that humans have been worried about straight smiles for centuries? Teeth straightening methods date back thousands of years. Surprisingly, our ancient ancestors were more concerned with their teeth than we might have originally thought. As you read the facts below, imagine how uncomfortable things were for a dental patient before the invention […]