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Oral Cancer Check-In

Do you tend to glaze over the details when you are faced with thinking about oral cancer? Like most patients, becoming and remaining proactive about this oral health issue can at first be quite difficult. The good news is that this is exactly the type of approach you should have if you want to be […]

Oral Cancer: Questions About Screening

Do you know what to expect from an oral cancer screening? Are you avoiding your dental checkups because you assume this type of cancer is something that cannot affect you? Unfortunately, skipping screenings is only to your detriment. You see, by the time a patient recognizes oral cancer, the disease has often progressed far beyond […]

The Good News And The Bad News About Oral Cancer

When you think of cancer you probably only think of bad news. And there is a lot of bad news associated with cancer, whether it is oral cancer or some other kind. One person dies every hour of oral cancer in the United States. That’s bad news. Thirty thousand people are diagnosed with oral cancer […]