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Wisdom Teeth: 3 Reasons To Remove Them

When you are a teen or in your early 20s, you will likely develop your final set of molars known as wisdom teeth. These are also referred to as “third molars” because they are the third set that you develop. For some, the teeth never develop (so there is never a need for removal because […]

Do I Really Need Tooth Extraction?

While losing a tooth can be devastating, being told that your tooth needs extraction can be equally unsettling. We understand the feeling, and we are dedicated to making all dental procedures, including tooth extraction, as comfortable as possible. To find out if you really need tooth extraction, we’ll conduct a thorough examination to ensure that […]

How To Prepare For Oral Surgery

Even though surgery may be necessary for your health, it’s often intimidating, regardless of the situation. However, there are many things you can do before the day of your surgery – especially when it comes to oral surgery – to make the recovery process go smoothly (and quickly, we hope). While recovery times will vary […]