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After Your Extraction

Are you in need of a dental extraction? Do you feel completely confident about the procedure itself but it’s the aftermath that has you concerned? Fortunately, you can completely relax. We will send you home with specific instructions for protecting the extraction site – and getting the rest you need – so your smile recovers […]

Wisdom Teeth: FAQs

How much do you know about whether you need wisdom teeth removal? Are you even quite certain what a wisdom tooth is or whether or not you need these teeth? The good news is that we are ready to answer all of your questions – all you have to do is schedule a visit to […]

Pocket Reduction Surgery

Did you know that you have gum pockets? If your gums are healthy, pink, and firm you probably are not familiar with the term. It is usually only when your gums are infected that the pockets begin to form. When you develop periodontal disease, your gums begin to pull away from your teeth forming spaces […]