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Other Factors of the Mouth-Body Connection

How serious do you take your dental hygiene? Over 90% of adults in America admit to being afflicted by tooth decay in at least one of their permanent teeth. Nearly 80% have gum disease to some extent, which is incurable once it takes a hold. Nevertheless, many people do not consider such dental issues a […]

Why Gum Disease Could Be a Factor in Your Overall Health

The fact that gum disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss isn’t exactly a secret. But how gum disease can factor into your overall health isn’t as often discussed, despite the fact that the oral-systemic connection has been researched extensively. In the same way that they affect your periodontal tissues, the oral bacteria […]

How Your Gums Can Affect Your Overall Health

Is it true that the state of your oral health can affect the rest of your body? There is a large body of research that indicates that it is true, and the research continues to grow. Keeping your teeth and gums healthy, of course, helps prevent gingivitis, periodontitis, tooth loss, and eventual jawbone degeneration, but […]