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3 Things You Might Get From Your Parents

You know the basics of how heredity works, which means that your parents pass along certain traits and other factors to you as a result of genetics. While eye color and hair color are obvious, there are certain aspects of your life that you might not have ever considered were closely linked to your parents. […]

Q&A: What Are All Of These “Dontists?”

The moment you feel you’re getting grasp on general dentistry, you may discover that the world of specialized dental care shows up and turns your understanding upside down! Before you feel completely overwhelmed by the new terminology, rest easy. You’ll become familiar in no time. For the moment, we would like to share some of those […]

3 Weekend Suggestions For Your Smile

During your busy week, whether it’s packed with tons of work, family responsibilities, class, or otherwise, you may feel lucky you even have time to brush and floss. As a result, a lot of your oral health plans you think about following through on may become completely pushed aside. Pull these ideas out from under […]