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Why Gum Disease Could Be a Factor in Your Overall Health

The fact that gum disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss isn’t exactly a secret. But how gum disease can factor into your overall health isn’t as often discussed, despite the fact that the oral-systemic connection has been researched extensively. In the same way that they affect your periodontal tissues, the oral bacteria […]

2 Essential Facts: Periodontal Disease

Patients often turn a blind eye to the severe effects of periodontal disease – and to the fact that it is something they easily avoid. Unfortunately, a lack of information on this topic can result in a lifelong battle with gum inflammation. Fortunately by considering two essential facts about gum disease that every patient should know, you […]

Q&A: Gum Disease Treatment

Do you think there may be something wrong with your gums? Did you know that you might not even realize something is wrong until you visit us for a dental checkup? Unfortunately, it is not always easy to detect gum problems on your own, which is why we always encourage patients to seek consistent preventive […]