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2017: Organizing Your Dental Care

When you feel like your dental care is all over the place, the best spot to begin is with your organization. If you’re someone who feels like organizing things is certainly not your strong suit, don’t worry: There’s not a lot to this. It’s simply a new way of looking at your smile care and […]

3 Reasons To Smile

If your teeth have been chattering and you’re so wrapped up in shopping lists, piling on the cold weather gear, and making it through your day, you might need to stop and smell the roses! Or the hot cocoa, for that matter! When you’ve found yourself so focused on the little details that come with the […]

It’s Winter! How To Protect Your Smile.

Do you have mixed feelings about winter? Do you love all of the coziness it inspires but you greatly dislike what it does to your oral health? If issues like the sensation of cotton mouth, cracked lips, and more visit you every year when it gets chilly outside, we have some helpful suggestions for you.