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Tooth Replacement: Why Do You Need To Customize It?

When you are ready to replace missing teeth, you might find yourself feeling a bit frantic. After all, the sooner you can complete your smile, the sooner you regain your function. Spending even a day in anticipation of a tooth replacement solution can make you feel antsy. While we understand your desire for us to […]

Restorative Treatments: How Long Until I Heal?

Have you often felt perfectly fine about scheduling a restorative treatment for yourself but it’s the recovery period that causes you to pause? Fortunately, the time required of you to rest and heal is surprisingly brief after a procedure like an extraction or filling. It’s important to remember that times vary from person to person […]

Wisdom Teeth: 3 Reasons To Remove Them

When you are a teen or in your early 20s, you will likely develop your final set of molars known as wisdom teeth. These are also referred to as “third molars” because they are the third set that you develop. For some, the teeth never develop (so there is never a need for removal because […]