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Dental Sedation: Some Unusual Questions

If you or a loved one have been putting off dental checkups or needed dental work out of fear it will be uncomfortable, it’s time to learn more about dental sedation. We want you to be informed on the dental sedation option in our office. You might already know sedation basics, but we are happy to […]

Common Questions: Oral Sedation

What you may know from speaking with us or visiting our website is that we offer a variety of dental sedation options, including the use of oral sedation. While your overall reaction to this news might be favorable, there may be a part of you that would like to ask some questions about this type of treatment […]

Are You A Candidate for Sedation Dentistry?

While many people can take dental appointments in stride, this is not true of everyone. For a segment of the population, the thought of a dental check up and cleaning can be a source of considerable stress. One option is avoiding visits to the dentist. Unfortunately, this can create larger problems. Cleanings and preventive care […]