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Do I Have Sleep Apnea?

If you have sleep apnea you may have to rely on a partner to bring it to your attention because, of course, you are asleep while experiencing the nighttime symptoms. However, there are daytime symptoms that may help you determine if you are suffering from sleep apnea. If you even suspect that you may be […]

Sleep Apnea: Serious Business

Are you someone who has known for quite a long time that you’re a heavy snorer but you didn’t realize that you were suffering from sleep apnea? Since you’re still feeling the same even after your diagnosis, you might not feel as motivated as we’d like about beginning sleep apnea treatment. If the day-to-day exhaustion […]

How and Why You Should Stop Snoring

It only happens while you sleep, but your penchant for snoring can affect several different aspects of your everyday life. If you snore loud enough to keep your partner awake at night, the tension can place a strain on your relationship, as well as deprive your sleeping partner of necessary rest. If you don’t stop snoring, […]