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I Want Whiter Crowns!

So, you have some dental work in your mouth. Your crowns used to look lovely and your smile used to look nice but now everything looks sort of … dingy. As a result, you want a whiter smile, which means whiter natural teeth and whiter crowns, too. However, you have a sneaking suspicion that we can’t […]

Teeth Whitening: Can I Do It Myself?

Like many things, you may figure that seeking out a DIY option is your best bet for brightening your smile. Unfortunately, though do-it-yourself options are great for other areas of life, they’re not a good idea when it comes to effective teeth whitening. Keep in mind that if you want your smile to look whiter, […]

Teeth Whitening: The Good And The Bad

How much do you know about your options when it comes to making a good teeth whitening choice? Are you ready for a whiter smile, so you think choosing over-the-counter (also known as “OTC”) options will get you there the fastest? Or, maybe it’s best to choose professional whitening – but will it take too […]