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Do You Need TMJ Treatment?

TMJ disorder, or TMD, is a tricky subject for many patients. First, the name requires some explaining. Your TMJs are your temporomandibular joints – or the jaw joint that lies on either side of your head, connecting your jaw to the rest of your cranium. When these TMJs malfunction, you suffer from TMJ disorder – […]

How Changing Your Diet Can Ease TMJ Pain

They don’t get as much attention as other joints like the knees, hips, and shoulders, but your TMJs, the small joints on either side of your jaw that control the movement of your mouth, can become easily strained, overused, and painful. This phenomenon, known as TMJ disorder, affects an estimated 10 million or more Americans, […]

TMJ Pitfalls of the Holidays

Have you been in a constant state of fullness ever since Thanksgiving? For many of us, the bounty of delicious savory and sweet delicacies that abound over the holidays are just too tempting. However, if you suffer from temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) eating can be decidedly less fun. When TMJs (jaw joints) are tender, chewing […]