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Farmington Hills Shines a Light on Laser Dentistry

When many of us think of lasers, we think about science fiction movies where futuristic heroes fire laser guns at the bad guys. Others may associate lasers with hair removal treatments or even a popular form of corrective eye surgery. Most people probably don’t relate lasers to dentistry, yet laser dentistry has been around for […]

Are you Afraid of the Dentist?

You’re not alone. Specific phobias, a common form of an anxiety disorder, are widespread throughout the United States. Affecting over 19 million Americans, phobias present problems for patients seeking dental and medical care. This form of anxiety disorder presents terrifying and debilitating emotions based on a specific fear. Dental Phobias often keep patients from getting […]

Comfort Dental Spa is the Talk of the Town!

Comfort Dental Spa was just voted the best in Farmington Hills, Michigan for the 2011 CMUS Talk of the Town Customer Service Award! This honor is a direct reflection of Comfort Dental Spa’s dedication to high-quality customer service. We pride ourselves on constantly going the extra mile to ensure that our patients are happy, healthy, […]