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The Interesting History of Teeth Whitening

Clean, white, gorgeous teeth are not just a modern trend. A nice looking smile has always been associated with youth and good health. Understanding the history of various dental procedures helps us make improvements for patients. The modern understanding of infections such as gum disease and cavities have shown us that whitening requires a healthy foundation […]

Green Tea: The Ultimate Oral Health Drink

The next time you feel parched, reach for the beverage experts say can boost the overall health of your entire body: green tea. People from China and Japan have enjoyed both the taste and long-term health benefits of this lightly-colored brew for thousands of years. Many recent university-based studies have demonstrated green tea’s ability to […]

Farmington Hills Shines a Light on Laser Dentistry

When many of us think of lasers, we think about science fiction movies where futuristic heroes fire laser guns at the bad guys. Others may associate lasers with hair removal treatments or even a popular form of corrective eye surgery. Most people probably don’t relate lasers to dentistry, yet laser dentistry has been around for […]