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Teeth Straightening Throughout History

Did you know that humans have been worried about straight smiles for centuries? Teeth straightening methods date back thousands of years. Surprisingly, our ancient ancestors were more concerned with their teeth than we might have originally thought. As you read the facts below, imagine how uncomfortable things were for a dental patient before the invention […]

Are you Afraid of the Dentist?

You’re not alone. Specific phobias, a common form of an anxiety disorder, are widespread throughout the United States. Affecting over 19 million Americans, phobias present problems for patients seeking dental and medical care. This form of anxiety disorder presents terrifying and debilitating emotions based on a specific fear. Dental Phobias often keep patients from getting […]

A New Dental Home in 2012

With 2012 just a few weeks away, it’s time to start thinking about making your dental health a priority in the New Year. To do this, it’s necessary to find a dental home for you and your family, and one of the best ways to do research is to go by word of mouth. Here’s […]